Follow These Tips To Help Your Child Succeed

Shalom: 4 Tips To Help You Find The Right Jewish Education For Your Child

Learning to read and write is crucial to every child's future. However, there are other things that are just as crucial, especially when you want your child to grow to be a well-rounded adult. If you want your child to grow intellectually and spiritually, you want their education to encompass religious components. But, how do you raise your children to embrace both education and their Jewish heritage? Here are four components you should look for when choosing an religious education program for your kids.

Is There a Community In The Classroom?

When children feel like they're an important part of the bigger picture, they are more eager to learn. Teachers who create a sense of community in the classroom invite students to form bonds with each other. Not only that, but the students are also able to form a bond with their teacher. This sense of community forges a strong Jewish community in and out of the classroom environment.

Are the Lessons Relevant?

Children need their lessons to be relatable to what they're learning. A strong Jewish education will tie outside facts with things that make the lesson relatable to the students. For instance, when giving lessons about sports, do the teachers use examples of strong Jewish athletes? It's important for students to realize that there are strong Jewish role models that they can look up to.

Do Teachers Utilize All Learning Styles?

When it comes to learning styles, each child is different. One child may learn by watching, while another child may need to touch something in order to learn effectively. In fact, there are three different types of learning styles – auditory, visual and tactile. A good teacher will implement all three learning styles in their classroom. This will ensure that no child gets left out of the learning process.

Is the Family Included in the Learning?

When looking for the right Jewish education for your children, you want a program that will include the family as much as possible. Family is the foundation of a proper Jewish education. When children realize that their family is involved in all aspects of the learning process, they are more likely to become active participants in their own education.

You want your children to receive a proper education. You send them to school to learn to read and write. However, you also want your child to grow up with a complete understanding of their Jewish heritage. These 4 tips will help you provide your child with a proper Jewish education. You can also make donations to your child's or another Jewish school to help with funding.